GitHub property

Integrate GitHub with your tasks database in Notion.

GitHub property
  • Use the Notion Unique ID to auto-magically sync pull request status with Notion task status. Integrate in two ways:

    • With a GitHub URL:

      • Open the page of the Task you want to attach a PR to, and click on the empty GitHub Pull Requests property.

      • Paste in the URL of your GitHub PR and click + Add Page.

    • With a Notion unique ID:

      • Copy the unique ID of the Notion task you want to link.

      • Paste the ID anywhere in the title of the GitHub PR.

      • The PR should appear in the GitHub Pull Requests property.

  • Then, create status automations by clicking ‘Edit property’. This way, a change to the PR status will reflect in your Notion database.


Add the GitHub property

To integrate GitHub with your tasks database make sure the GitHub (Workspace) app is set up in “Connections.” For more help check out the reference docs here →