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If you have multiple Notion accounts, you may need to move content from one to another. We'll show you how 📦

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Note: This feature is not intended for consolidating multiple workspaces.

Any migrated content will be duplicated to the new workspace and these duplicates pages might have issues, including:

  • Permission settings not carrying over, meaning others in the workspace will not have access to the new page.

  • References (like synced blocks, relations, and page mentions) pointing to pages in the old workspace.

  • Page history not being carried over.

Because of the above, we do not recommend using this tool to merge workspaces or migrate pages with many permissions or references.

If you do proceed, we recommend keeping the original page until you're certain the duplicate content is working correctly, as it will remain unchanged.

You can move your content from one Notion account (we'll call this Account A) to another (Account B) by following these steps:

Tip: If you own multiple email addresses and one is not currently associated with a Notion account, you can easily change the email of your existing Notion account to the available address in Settings & MembersMy account.

  • Log into Account A on our web or desktop app.

  • Create a new page by clicking + New Page in the bottom of the left-sidebar.

  • Consolidate all your pages under one top-level page by dragging and dropping each page into the new page you created in the left-sidebar.

  • Click on Share at the top right corner of the top-level page and click Invite a Person to share the page with "Full Access" to the email associated with Account B.

  • Log out of Account A, using the workspace menu at the top left of the app.

  • Log into Account B.

  • Click on the workspace switcher at the top left. You should see the top-level page you just shared from Account A.

  • In that page, drag to select all the nested subpages pages and click on the block handle (the six dots that look like ⋮⋮). Click Move to.

  • Search for and select the workspace name that you want to move the nested subpages to. Note: you can only move subpages — you won't be able to move the top-level page.


I tried changing my email address but got an error message saying: "A user with this email already exists.

If you'd like to change your account email to one that already exists within Notion, you can log into the account that holds the email you want and delete that account to free up that email address.

To delete the account, go to Settings & Members in the left sidebar, then My Account, then Delete My Account.

Then log into your current account, and go to Settings & Members, then My Account, and select Change email. You should be able to switch to the freed up email address.

I can't seem to invite another account to my page.

You may have enabled the Disable guests feature. You can find it in the Security & identity section of Settings & Members in your sidebar.

I can't find any workspaces in the Move to menu.

You may have enabled the Disable moving pages to other workspaces setting. You can find it in the Security & identity section of Settings & Members in your sidebar.

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