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You can duplicate public Notion pages to add them to your own workspace. From there, you can customize them however you want 👯

Duplicate a page

Let's say you come across a Notion page you love on the web and want to make it your own.

  • Log into Notion on your browser.

  • Navigate to the public page and click Duplicate in its upper right corner.

  • Choose the workspace you'd like to duplicate the page into from the dropdown.

  • Your browser will take you to that page, now duplicated into the Private section of your sidebar. It will include all the sub-pages contained in the original page.

  • You can edit this page and its sub-pages just like you would any other.

Prevent duplication

If you have a public page that you don't want duplicated, you can turn that option off.

  • Go to the page in Notion and click Share.

    • Underneath Share to the web, switch off the toggle labeled Allow duplicate as template (it's on by default).

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