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Q&A quickly gives you the information you need to unblock your work. It can answer questions about specific teams, projects, and more by searching across the workspace pages you have access to ❓

  • Whenever someone uses Q&A, Q&A only looks at the pages that they have access to in their workspace to answer their question. Q&A will never use information from pages that someone doesn’t have access to.

    • Q&A will only reference pages that you have created or been invited to, or pages whose privacy settings are set to Everyone at {your workspace}.

  • Q&A’s responses to your questions depend on the content in your workspace. The more content there is, the better — we recommend having at least 100 pages in your workspace to make the most of this feature. If you don’t have enough content, we might ask you to import content into your workspace before you use Q&A.

  • It can take around an hour before new content you’ve created is referenced by Q&A.

  • If Q&A can’t answer a question based on the information in your workspace, it will let you know instead of giving you an inaccurate answer. This can also help you identify and close gaps in your documentation, and make Q&A work even better for your team.

What Q&A does

  • Search across thousands of pages in your workspace to find the answer to your question, in just a few seconds.

  • Synthesize information across a small number of pages.

  • Synthesize information from databases and database properties.

What Q&A doesn't do

  • Synthesize information across a large number of pages.

  • Answer questions using content that’s in an embed, like a video or a PDF.

  • Know what page you are on.

  • Anything other than answering questions, like modifying your content or taking an action on your behalf.

  • Engage in lengthy conversations.

  • Filter or perform aggregations on databases, such as counting the number of rows in a view.

  • Limit its search to a specific page, database, or teamspace. Q&A always searches across all of the pages you have access to in your workspace to find the answer to your question.

Here are some examples of good questions to ask Q&A:

  • What are the key themes from last week’s marketing team standup meeting?

  • What’s the process for onboarding a new contractor?

Here are some examples of questions that Q&A might have trouble answering:

  • What are the top themes across our entire meeting notes database? (Q&A can't synthesize information across more than a few pages at once.)

  • Can you add a simple table to this page with 3 columns and 5 rows? (Q&A can't create or modify your content.)

  • Can you summarize this page? (Q&A doesn’t know what page you’re on.)

  • Which items in my task database are due today? (Q&A doesn’t filter databases on your behalf.)

Q&A is available on web, desktop, and mobile. To use Q&A:

  • Open Q&A. You can go to Search in the sidebar or select in the bottom right corner of Notion.

  • Type your question.

  • Select Ask Notion AI to ask your question. Q&A will show you what pages it referenced to find the answer to your question.

  • Select Try again to get a different answer to your question, or Copy answer if you want to save it. One question that you ask Q&A counts as one Notion AI response.

On desktop, you can use search and Q&A even when you’re outside of the Notion app. Trigger Command Search with a customizable keyboard shortcut, your menu bar on Mac, or your task bar on Windows so you can ask Q&A without switching between windows or bringing the Notion desktop app to the foreground. To make it easier to access Notion this way, a few things will happen by default:

  • Command Search will be turned on. To turn this off, go to Settings & membersMy settings → toggle off Enable Command Search. You can also turn off Show Notion in Menu Bar or customize your Command Search shortcut.

  • Notion will be set to open at login. To turn this off:

    • On Mac: Right-click on the Notion icon in the dock → select OptionsOpen at Login to remove the check mark beside it.

    • On Windows: Right-click on the Notion icon in the task bar → select Launch PreferencesOpen Notion at Login to remove the check mark beside it.

Q&A can be enabled for any Notion workspace, regardless of which language you’ve selected in your settings. Please note that Q&A response quality is highest in English, but the Notion team is working on improving the quality for other languages throughout the beta period.

If your workspace had the Notion AI Add-On enabled before November 6, 2023, the feature should be rolling out to your workspace in the coming days.

Join the waitlist

Anyone else can join the waitlist to try Q&A. You can also skip to the front of the line by purchasing the Notion AI add-on.

You’ll receive an email from Notion if your workspace receives access. We’ll ensure that your workspace can test Q&A before purchasing the Notion AI add-on, even if your workspace ran out of complimentary AI responses before you joined the waitlist.

Note: Do you have feedback about a response Q&A shared? Use the thumbs up and thumbs down in Q&A to help improve it.

Today, Q&A is only available to a subset of Notion users. Over time, the Notion team will improve the quality of Q&A’s responses, add new features and functionality, and make Q&A more widely available.

The terms found here apply to your use of Notion AI Q&A while it is in beta and provide protections that are in line with the terms for generally available Notion features, which include a commitment that we do not train machine learning models on your data.

We take the same precautions with your data for Q&A as we do with the rest of Notion. You can find more about how we handle your data for Q&A here.

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