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Help your team stay on schedule with sprints 💪

Sprints are an easy way to ensure your team is sticking to a schedule. In order to access the sprints feature, you'll need to use the "Projects, Tasks, Sprints" template from the Template Gallery.

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When you add the "Projects, Tasks, Sprints" template to your workspace, you'll see four new pages in your sidebar:

  • Tasks: Database of all your tasks, showing their related projects and sprints.

  • Projects: Database of projects, where you can easily view all of the tasks within a project.

  • Sprint board: Board that shows the tasks for the current sprint.

  • Sprints: Database of current, future and past sprints.

Your Sprint board and Sprints database

The Sprints database will give you a higher view of your current and future sprints. You can select any sprint's page to view its tasks. You'll also notice a Timeline view which gives you a more linear look at sprints.

Sprint board is where you'll likely go consistently to track your tasks. You'll notice three default views.

Current Sprint: Shows tasks in the current sprint.

Sprint planning: Shows tasks in the current sprint, next sprint and any tasks without an assigned sprint.

Backlog: Shows tasks with no sprint assigned.

  • If you haven't already, add the "Projects, Tasks, Sprints" template to your workspace.

  • In the Sprints database, click New at the bottom.

  • Give your sprint a name, start date, and end date.

Planning a sprint

  • In the Sprint board, go to the Sprint planning view.

  • Move any unfinished tasks from your current sprint or from the backlog into the next sprint.

Completing a sprint

What happens when you complete a sprint:

  • The status of your Current sprint will be changed to Past. The status of the Next sprint will be changed to Current.

  • The tasks on the board will reflect the new Current sprint.

  • A new Next sprint will be created if none exists.

  • In the Sprint board, go to your Current sprint.

  • On the right side, click button Complete sprint.

  • You'll be asked to confirm the dates of your next sprint and what you'd like to do with the incomplete tasks. Click Complete Sprint.

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