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Homes gives you a view of all of the docs and tasks that need your attention 🏡


  • Home may not be available to you yet. Thanks for your patience as we work to get this feature out to you.

  • Home is currently only available on Notion for desktop and web.

  • Guests in your workspace won’t have access to Home.

Your workspace home shows you important content from across your workspace in one place. To access Home, go to the left sidebar in Notion and select Home.

View your 20 most recently visited pages. Scroll to the left to see more.

My tasks shows all tasks assigned to you from all of the Task databases in your Notion workspace.

Set up Task databases

To see your assigned tasks in My tasks, you need to make sure that the databases containing those tasks are Notion Task databases. A task database in Notion is a type of database that requires a status, assignee, and due date property to help you track the work that you need to get done.

To create a task database or turn an existing database into a task database:

  • Select ••• at the top right of the database → Turn into task database.

  • Pick which properties in your database will correspond with the task status, assignee, and due date. If your database doesn’t already have these properties, you can create them by selecting Create new.

  • Select Turn into task database. Any tasks assigned to you from that database will appear in My tasks.

Customize My tasks

You can adjust what tasks you see in the My tasks widget by hovering over the widget and selecting •••. You can choose your preferred layout, filter and sort your tasks, or adjust which task properties you want the widget to show.

Create a task from My tasks

You can add a new task to any of your existing Task databases directly from the My tasks widget in Home. To do this, select + at the top right of the widget. To change the destination task database, open the dropdown at the top left of the new task, where it says Add to {database name}. Find and select your desired database, then fill in the information for your task.

Hide My tasks from Home

If you don’t want to see My tasks in Home, hover over the My tasks widget in Home and select •••Hide from home.

Open My tasks as a full page

Hover over the My tasks widget in Home and select Open as full page to dive deeper into your tasks. From here, you can favorite the page, adjust the layout of your tasks, create a new task, and more.

Undo a Task database

Note: Once you undo a Task database, anyone assigned to tasks from that database won’t be able to see those tasks in My tasks.

To undo a Task database:

  • Select ••• at the top right of the database.

  • Select ••• next to This is a task databaseUndo task databaseRemove.

This section suggests pages based on your recent page visits. It updates in real time — to see the latest suggestions, refresh Notion.

See your workspace’s most-visited pages from the past week. If you’d like to see trending pages from a specific teamspace instead, select the dropdown next to your workspace name in the Trending widget, then select the teamspace you want.

The featured templates section spotlights templates that can inspire your workspace setup. This widget won’t appear in Home by default, but you can choose to show the widget in Home settings. See instructions for doing this below.

Change your nickname

To change the nickname that is shown in the greeting at the top of Home, click your name and enter a new one. Hit enter or click out of the text field to set your new nickname.

Change default start page

Adjust which page you want to see when you start Notion. Select ••• at the top right of Home → Change default start page. Then choose Home, Last visited page, or Top page in sidebar.

Show or hide widgets

Select ••• at the top right of Home → Show/hide widgets. Select or unselect Greeting, My Tasks, Learn, and Featured Templates. You won’t be able to hide any other widgets at this time.

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