What is Notion AI?

What is Notion AI?
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Notion AI is a suite of features that can help you get more done in your day to day 🤖

By adding Notion AI to your Notion plan, you and everyone in your workspace can work faster and write better. Notion certainly isn’t the only AI-powered tool out there. But here’s what makes Notion AI special:

  • Artificial intelligence becomes more useful when it’s integrated across the place where you’re already doing your work, storing notes and docs, and collaborating with others. No need to switch back and forth between your notes and a separate AI-powered tool.

  • Compared to other tools, Notion has a unique and highly flexible drag-and-drop text editor, where any AI-generated content can be easily rearranged and transformed. Over time, Notion AI will be able to take advantage of even more Notion features.

  • Today, Notion AI has many uses across your notes and docs. But Notion can do a lot more than just notes — we’ll continue to expand Notion AI’s capabilities to help with project management and your team knowledge base in the future. This is just the beginning!

Currently, we offer these features as part of Notion AI:

  • Writer and Autofill: You can use Notion AI to create and edit content.

  • Q&A: You can get quick answers to your questions based on information across your workspace.

What counts as an AI response?

Every time you take an AI action (including creating new content, editing existing content, using AI blocks, adding an autofill property, asking a question, etc.) and receive a response from Notion AI, that counts as an AI response.

Anytime you click Try again, that counts as an additional AI response.

How do I know if Writer's responses are accurate?

Writer is most effective for streamlining your workflows. For example, it can summarize meeting notes or help you brainstorm for a project. We recommend that you always check the accuracy of content from Notion AI before relying on it for critical content.

Keeping your data safe is important to us. Learn more about Notion AI security practices here →

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