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Everything you need to know about pricing and usage limits for Notion AI 💾

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Notion AI is available as an add-on to Notion plans, including Free Plans, for $10 per member, per month. A 20% discount is available to Plus, Business, and Enterprise customers with annual billing.

To add Notion AI to your plan, you’ll need to be a workspace owner, and on desktop.

  • Click on Settings & members in your sidebar

  • Click on Plans

  • Under Notion AI, click Add to plan

AI add-on billing

  • If you add Notion AI to your existing paid plan, you’ll pay a prorated amount for the remaining time left on your current billing cycle. On your next billing date, the AI add-on charge will be added to your regular billing cadence.

  • For free users who sign up for the Notion AI add-on, your billing interval will begin on the day you sign up for Notion AI. You’ll be charged monthly on that date.

To ensure optimal performance and fair use across all Notion AI users, your access to AI features can be reduced depending on your usage.

Your workspace may have a number of AI responses included for free. To see how many free AI responses are remaining, workspace owners can go to Settings & members on desktop.

Once you’ve used all your complimentary AI responses, you won’t be able to use AI features until a workspace owner has added the AI add-on subscription to your plan.

Note: The iOS Personal Pro plan does not include Notion AI. iOS Personal Pro subscribers cannot add, modify or remove Notion AI subscriptions while having an active in-app purchased subscription.


What counts as an AI "response"?

Every time you take an AI action (including creating new content, editing existing content, using AI blocks, etc.) and receive a response from Notion AI, that counts as an AI response.

Anytime you click Try again, that counts as an additional AI response.

Who is eligible for the 20% discount for annual billing?

If you have a Plus, Business, or Enterprise subscription with annual billing, you can add Notion AI to your plan for $8 per member / month, a 20% discount over monthly billing.

If you have a Free Plan workspace, or if you have a Plus, Business, or Enterprise subscription with monthly billing, you can add Notion AI to your plan for $10 per member / month.

Annual customers will not be able to purchase Notion AI with monthly billing. Free plan users and monthly customers will not be able to purchase Notion AI with annual billing.

Can I purchase Notion AI for only part of my team, without purchasing for the entire workspace?

Notion AI can only be purchased for the entire workspace. Currently, there isn’t an option to provision AI access to only a portion of your workspace.

If you do decide to add AI to your workspace, every member in the workspace will be able to use AI features — this includes workspace owners, membership admins, and members. Guests will not be able to use AI features in your workspace.

How do I cancel my Notion AI subscription?

If you remove Notion AI from your plan, you will have access for the rest of your current billing cycle, and usage will be discontinued at the start of the next cycle.

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