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Think of Notion as a bottomless bin of building blocks. Build whatever you want, however you want! Every page you create in Notion will be composed of many "blocks," in the same way a LEGO castle is composed of many LEGO bricks 🧱

When you create your first page in Notion and begin typing, you've started with a text block. But Notion pages can contain a lot more than plain text!

Imagine every piece of content you add to a page — whether it's text, an image, or a table — as a single building block. Every page is a stack of blocks combined however you want.

Here's just one example page with different block types pointed out:

Tip: Hit the / key on your keyboard (or tap the + button above your keyboard if you're on mobile) to see all the different types of content you can add.

Any block in Notion can be turned into any other type of block in order to use, view, or deepen that information in a new way.

Try this out by clicking the ⋮⋮ symbol and choosing Turn into to convert your block to something else!

The ⋮⋮ button can be used to drag and drop existing blocks. This makes it simple to rearrange, reorder, and reshape your thoughts with one motion.

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