Provision users & groups with SCIM

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You can provision and manage users and groups in your Notion workspace with the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) API standard ๐Ÿ”‘

What you can do with Notion's SCIM API

User provisioning and management:

  • Create and remove members in your workspace.

  • Update a member's profile information.

  • Retrieve the members in your workspace.

    • Find members by email or name.

Group provisioning and management:

  • Create and remove groups in your workspace.

  • Add and remove members in a group.

  • Retrieve the groups in your workspace.

    • Find groups by name.

Not supported:

  • Managing workspace guests.

How to setup provisioning with SCIM

We currently support Okta, Rippling, and custom SCIM applications (see our SCIM API below for details). If you use another Identity Provider, please let us know.

Retrieving your SCIM API key

Please contact your Notion rep to generate an API key for the Notion workspace you want to provision.

You can then go to your Notion workspace, open Settings & Members, select the Security & SAML tab, and then under the SCIM configuration section choose View token. Only workspace admins can view the API key.

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