Scaling your team: Team wiki

Build a skeleton for a large team’s wiki using what you’ve learned so far.

Build a wiki

In this lesson, we’ll create a skeleton for a large team’s wiki or knowledge management system.

  • Start in the “General” teamspace, create documents that’ll be relevant to everyone on the team

  • Next set up teamspaces for the largest functional groups that make sense (Marketing, Engineering, etc.)

    • Consider whether teamspaces should be open, closed, or private.

  • Once they’re created, start adding people and giving them roles.

  • In this case, we might give the team leads the teamspace owner role.

    • Teamspace owners will have a different set of permissions than teamspace members, so we’ll want to decide which people should have that specific role.

    • For any additional teamspaces you can follow the same process!


Congrats on completing scaling your team!

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