Docs and meetings

Dive deeper into two types of living knowledge — docs and meeting notes — and consider how you could customize them for your team.

  • Docs and meetings serve as the living knowledge base of a company, capturing ongoing work and discussions. Your company only needs one of each database, stored in your general teamspace.

  • In Notion, docs are active work records like proposals and research reports, serving as a living knowledge base that captures ongoing work, discussions, and various aspects of a company. Properties to enhance docs include:

    • AI summary → provides a quick and concise understanding of a document's content, allowing team members to get up to speed on a topic or project quickly.

    • Status → to confirm the accuracy and currentness of the information within the document, acting as a trust signal for users.

    • Owner → helps increase visibility and provide a point of contact for any questions about the document.

  • Meetings are documented with notes that include agendas, transcripts, and action items from live conversations, providing a comprehensive record of discussions.

  • Docs and Meetings belong in your workspace’s “general” (or company-wide) teamspace.

    • Add these databases using the Templates button in the bottom left hand corner of your app.


Add docs and meetings to your general teamspace

Add docs and meetings to your general teamspace before moving on.