Reminders & @mentions

All you need is the @ key to quickly create a link to a person, date, or page.

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  • Mentions are a quick and easy way to link to other pages in your workspace, bring specific content to the attention of colleagues, and set up timely reminders for yourself and others.

  • Use the @ key to bring up options to mention a date, person, or page.

    • Mentioning a page creates a link to that page.

    • Mentioning a person notifies them of the mention in their workspace sidebar.

    • Use the @ key to add a timestamp to a page.

    • Set up reminders using the @ key, followed by remind, then type in the day and time for the reminder.

    • Reminders can be used in databases, with more granular options available by enabling Include time.

    • Reminders will be sent to your Inbox in the sidebar.

  • Notification settings can be customized under Settings & members, then My notifications.

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