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This template will help you organize your customer service. You can follow your customer claims and find solution quickly for technical & logistics issues

A Team section with 3 subpages

A "Team & responsibilities" where you'll find the list of your team members with their information.

"Contact & partners" which is a databse of all your external contacts, their mail, phone number etc...

"Department" where you'll see all departments of your company and the number of employees in each department.

A Tool section with 4 subpages :

Your "General terms & conditions of sales"

Your "Help Center"

A "Ticket Management tool" page where you can detail how this tool is working

A "Help Center Articles" databases with all articles of your help center (published, to be published etc...)

A "Care Follow-up" section with 3 subpages :

"Are you delivering to my country ?" which help you follow customer demands for country deliveries

A "Customer claims" dashboard which helps you follow all of your customer claims (can be linked to your ticket management tool), the priority of their demand and the problem they met

A "Customer returns" dashboard on which you can follow all of your customer returns and what you should do with them (only for companies selling physcial products)

A "Process" section where you can write down all the processes of your customer service based on the customers' claims.

A "Quality Management" section where you can find all issues encountered by your customers sorted by # of claims.

A "Project" section which uses my "Project Management" Template.

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