What are Teamspaces? A guide for Notion admins

Discover how to effectively use teamspaces in Notion to simplify your administrative tasks. Our comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions through a detailed tutorial video. Perfect for admins seeking to optimize their workflow.

10 min video

  • As a Notion admin, you have the power to manage teamspaces in Notion, adjusting settings such as member lists, sharing permissions, and security options.

    • You can choose to make teamspaces Open, Closed, or Private depending on your company’s need for content accessibility and control.

    • Workspace owners hold the keys to high-level teamspace settings, which can be accessed under Settings & Members and Teamspaces.

    • The Permissions and Security tabs under Teamspace Settings allow you to manage page sharing permissions and determine security rules such as public sharing and content export.

    • Use the teamspace control board to manage, archive, or restore teamspaces as needed.

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