Using slash commands

There's a ton of different content types you can add to a Notion page, from text & images to powerful databases. Add your content even faster with slash commands!

3 min video

  • Use Notion's slash commands to add or modify content quickly.

    • To add content, hit the slash key, and select or type the content type (e.g., /image).

    • You can add a quote, highlight, or a web bookmark with /quote, /callout, or /web


    • Modify text color or background with "slash color" commands. (e.g., /red).

    • Change content type with "slash turn" commands (e.g., /turnbullet).

    • Type /comment to add a comment, or /duplicate to duplicate content.

  • For even more shortcuts, click the question mark at the bottom right of your Notion window, and select Keyboard shortcuts.

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