Using relation & rollup properties

Notion databases become even more powerful when you link them together. Link to a row from another database with a relation, or show a specific property from a related table with a rollup.

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  • Notion allows you to connect items across multiple databases using Relations and Rollups.

    • Relations allow you to connect pages from one database to another.

    • Rollups allow you to pull specific properties from a database into another database.

  • As an example, you could connect the Tasks and Projects databases of an Engineering team.

    • Create a Relation property in the Tasks database to link each task to its corresponding project. The changes made through Relations are reflected in both databases.

    • Rollups can be used to aggregate data from one database to another, such as calculating the total estimated dev time for a project from individual task times.

  • As your workspace grows, Relations and Rollups offer more opportunities to make sense of your data.

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