How startups conduct user research using Notion

User research is key to growing your startup. With this system in Notion, you can create a home for all interviews, categorize them, and use templates to standardize your interview processes.

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  • Notion makes it easy to collect and organize user feedback so that it is visible, sortable, and easier to use.

  • From your workspace, create a table database from scratch. Add custom properties—pieces of information of about each entry—to specify the research type, date, interviewee’s name, interviewee’s email, and interviewer.

  • Every table entry is a page in itself, where you can store all the information about an interview. For clarity purposes, add a table of contents at the top.

  • To standardize the process, build templates for different research types. To do this, click on the downwards arrow at the top right of the table, then on New template.

  • Create Relations between databases, linking user research to relevant meeting notes.

  • Filter and sort your user research database, or create different views of the same data according to your needs.

  • Here’s a template to get you started!

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