Hosting job listings and collecting applications: A Notion guide for startups

Discover how to streamline your startup's hiring process with our Notion guide. Learn step-by-step how to set up an easy-to-update job board, host job listings, and collect applications, attracting top talent effortlessly.

6 min video

  • Build a jobs page on Notion quickly without needing engineering support.

  • The job listings your create are stored in a Notion page, and published on the web.

    • Each job listing can be turned into a separate page for more details.

    • Add various content types such as headers, callouts, images and videos.

    • Embed content from other apps. For example, paste a link to a Greenhouse page, and select Create embed.

  • Format and design your jobs page for better visual navigation and brand coherence.

    • Add page icons, covers and colored backgrounds.

    • Create columns by dragging and dropping content blocks with your mouse.

  • Go to your page’s Share menu to publish your jobs page to the web, and share its URL across your network and platforms.

  • Changes made to your pages in your Notion workspace will update in real time on the web page.

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