Getting started with templates for your team

Try adding templates to your workspace. These powerful databases will help you jump start page creation, and inspire you to create your own Notion workflows.

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  • Notion templates will help you jump-start page creation, and inspire you to create your own Notion workflows.

  • Add a template to your workspace via the Templates button in the sidebar, or when creating a new page.

  • We specifically recommend using our database-powered templates: To-do list, Projects & tasks, Meetings, and Docs.

  • Remember that database entries are fully functional Notion pages, capable of hosting all content types, as well as other Notion pages.

  • Databases boast properties, which are pieces of information about each database entry. They can be of various types like text, numbers, dates, or people.

    • Relation properties allow entries from one database to be linked to entries from another database. The Projects & tasks templates use relation properties to link tasks to their associated projects.

    • The Projects template has a completion property, which calculates the percentage of tasks marked as Done.

  • Consult the Notion Template Gallery by clicking on More from the Community at the bottom of the Templates sidebar.

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