Gallery view databases

Galleries are Notion's most visual database view. Use them to showcase beautiful photos for mood boards, team directories, vacation photos and more.

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  • In Notion, Gallery databases can beautifully showcase photos and text in a gallery.

  • Each card in a gallery has its own page for adding content.

  • Database pages have a customizable Properties section at the top. Any changes to properties will affect the entire database.

  • To access a gallery’s main menu, click on the three-dot icon at the top right of the database.

    • In the Layout section, you can choose to display your page’s content, or cover image, on your gallery cards. You can even use Unsplash to get custom page covers without leaving Notion.

    • You may also choose your card size: small, medium or large.

  • Apply filters to your database view in the Filter section.

  • Use the Group by option to group team members by one of their properties.

  • Finally, you can lock your database to prevent accidental changes by team members.

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