Notion 2.6 ⛱


  • Better PDF Export
    Now when you export a Notion page as a PDF, the result looks far better — including databases. No more funky line breaks, misplaced images, or broken formatting.

  • Improved Google Drive Embeds
    Search your Drive from inside Notion to find and embed the doc or sheet you want to add to any page. Learn more here.

  • Callout Blocks 💥
    Add this new boxed text (with emoji icon!) to call attention to writing or break it out from the rest of your document. Helpful for disclaimers, warnings, tips, and documentation.

  • Inline Code Block Comments
    Select any text inside a code block to comment inline.

  • Web Clipper for Firefox 🦊
    Save any page off the web to your workspace with this Firefox extension.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • We fixed a bug that made it difficult to escape inline code mode.

  • Formulas will now wrap text onto multiple lines.

  • The content of toggle lists is no longer shown in gallery card previews.

  • We fixed a bug where newly created databases would not show up in the Web Clipper right away.

  • Previously, custom icons would not display with the correct aspect ratio in the Web Clipper.

  • We fixed a performance issue that caused the sidebar to render slowly on the desktop app.

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