Notion 2.5 πŸ¦‹


  • Database templates
    Templates make it easy to replicate pages in a database so they have the same properties and structure.
    Let's say you want to standardize bug reports, for example. You can create a template that's automatically tagged with Bug and has page sections for how a bug was discovered, screenshots, and recommendations for fixing it. Your team can use it every time they report a bug!

    Here's much more on creating, editing, and using templates >
    We also simplified how templates appear on new pages. Just scroll with your arrow keys and click enter to pick one.

  • Unsplash Images! πŸ“Έ
    Now you can search and choose from Unsplash's library of 950,000 gorgeous photos to add to any Notion page.

    You can use Unsplash photos for page covers, too!

    Click for more on images and covers.

  • Table of Contents
    Make it easy to navigate long pages with multiple headings. Add a Table of Contents like any other block (using /table of contents for instance), and a list of anchor links to all your headings and sub-headings will show automatically!

    You can also add a Table of Contents by hitting + next to a block and scrolling to the Advanced Blocks section.

  • Better Cards
    There are a few new things you can do with cards in boards and galleries.
    Change card size to small, medium, or large. Click Properties at the top to see the options:

    Change the way your images are cropped. Our default is to zoom in so they fit the frame (16:9). By going to Properties and toggling on Fit Image, you can make sure your entire image shows in the frame.

    Hide card names (ideal for mood boards). Go to Properties and toggle off Name.

  • Start the week on Monday in calendar view
    Turns out a ton of people don't start their weeks on Sunday. Sorry, rest of the world β€” we just caught up. Now you have the option to start your week on Monday in all calendars.

    This fix should show up automatically based on your location, but you can also go to Settings & Members > My Account and toggle on Start week on Monday.

    One other calendar improvement: we'll remember the month you were last looking at, so when you click away and then back, you don't have to re-find your place.

  • Better updates menu
    We made labels in your All Updates menu more explicit, so you know which notifications are new, which you've seen but not clicked on (Read), and which ones are private just for you.

  • Random emoji button
    Want a different emoji icon for your page but don't know what? Pick a new one using the Random button. Hit it 'til you like it!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • We fixed a bug that prevented people from editing page titles that contain links.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented scrolling through templates on Android.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented the "Copy Link to Page" button from working correctly on mobile.

  • We fixed an issue so that long equations don't look squeezed.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented menu options from opening when people type @.

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