February 18, 2019


  • In-line colors and highlighting 🖍
    No more needing to apply color or highlighting to whole blocks at a time! Now you can select any text and †choose a color or highlight. Use it to give your writing the emphasis and style it deserves.

    Pro tip: You can use shortcut Cmd-Shift-H or Ctrl-Shift-H on Windows to apply last used color.

  • H1, H2, H3 🍡
    Now you have two different sizes of subheads to choose from for all your subhead needs! Just type /sub or /h3 to get going.
    For you Markdown folks, this gives you 5 levels of headings to work with if you include page titles, H1, and bolded text.

  • Rename Files
    You can now rename files in a file block and in the file property type in any database. We'll keep the file extension consistent.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Bold, italic, and strikethrough shortcuts work on block selections.

  • You can now use /checkbox to create To-Do blocks.

  • Fixed a bug where push notifications randomly stop working in the iOS app. 😅

  • Added Window > Maximize to the desktop system menu so you can find windows that are rendered off-screen after unplugging an external monitor.

  • Switch between table cell selection and table row selection easily with Enter and Esc.

  • Copy text from PDF and the Updates menu.

  • Improved Asana and Trello importers.

  • iOS and Android share sheets show breadcrumbs when searching for pages and databases.

  • We fixed a bug where Inviting users to a page with the Share menu using comma-separated emails didn't always work.

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