March 27, 2019


  • Breadcrumbs on public pages 🐦
    Now when you publish Notion pages to the web, breadcrumb navigation appears at the top so viewers can see where they are on your site and click to go back.
    Ideal if you want to use Notion to host your resume, portfolio, blog, or company documentation that might go several levels deep.

  • Search public pages 🔍
    We added a button at the top of public pages that lets anyone search their contents, and the contents of their sub-pages.
    Helpful if you've created a bunch of documentation, or a reference guide like Blendle's Employee Handbook.

  • Safer drag and drop in the sidebar
    When you drag a page from a shared workspace into the Private section of your sidebar, other users lose access. We added a confirmation check to make sure this is what you want to do.

  • Disable search engine indexing 🔒
    Before, if you made a Notion page public, Google and other search engines could index it so it would show up in search results. We've added the option to turn this off so your page will never be surfaced on search engines. Click Share to see this menu:

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Drag and drop on mobile now has a longer tap-and-hold delay so you don't accidentally drag blocks.

  • We added help links throughout the app to help you learn more about Notion features. On mobile, look for the gray ? buttons.

  • We added a new shortcut to open or close all toggle lists on a page at once: cmd + option + t on Mac or ctrl + alt + t on Windows.

  • When using backticks (`) to create inline code, we now disable all text autocomplete, like '—' and '→'.

  • You can now use cmd/ctrl + shift + p to move a block to any page or database.

  • Create a link just by selecting text and pasting a link over it.

  • Gallery view cards display images that are inside columns.

  • We added a number format for Korean Won.

  • We improved the List database view on mobile. Database properties now wrap to a second line.

  • We made emoji search more accurate.

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