Notion 2.4 πŸ₯“


  • Duplicate public pages
    Public Notion pages now come with a handy Duplicate button at the top right. Click to copy any public page to your own workspace so you can edit it for your own use!

    If you don't want people to duplicate a public page you've created yourself, toggle off Allow Duplicate underneath Public Access.

    Full guide here: Duplicate public pages

  • Notion Template Gallery πŸ‘€
    To get you started with the new Duplicate feature, we've launched a collection of Notion public pages built by us and our amazing community! It's your new one-stop shop to copy, customize and contribute Notion creations. On Product Hunt 😻
    Just click any page you like in the gallery to learn more about it and its maker. Explore any template and click Duplicate to snag it for your own use.

  • 3x search speed improvement πŸ€“
    There's still a ways to go, but search is getting much better! We just tripled our average search speed. Next up: increasing accuracy and adding more controls like filters... stay tuned!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that caused YouTube embeds to break.

  • Fixed a bug that caused syncing issues between the web and desktop apps 🐞

  • Fixed a bug on the Mac app that caused page navigation buttons to overlap with the Mac OS close, minimize, and maximize buttons.

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