Make sure managers have the support they need

Feel better prepared to help your team by accessing role-specific resources in a connected workspace.

Notion project manager template

Notion offers templates for every managerial role or task

Managers are the backbone of an organization. You focus on helping others do their best work and meet their professional goals. But to do so, you need supportive tools both you and your team can easily access. Notion offers countless templates you can customize to meet your managerial needs.

Notion project planning

Using templates in our connected workspace allows you to: 

  • Monitor every employee’s progress

  • Define achievements and improvement areas somewhere visible and accessible

  • Increase productivity with a template’s head start

Notion manager 1:1 doc

How to use a manager’s template in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. In a new page, choose the “Templates” option. 

  3. Pick your template from the gallery or use one that’s already downloaded. 

  4. Fill in the template.

  5. Invite your team to collaborate.

Notion template manager

Monitor team progress and connect coworkers in a central hub

Create a team homepage in Notion to foster collaboration and improve your managerial workflow.


What do product managers do?

Product managers typically supervise a product’s creation and launch. They’re in charge of the team that’s working on the product and communicate across departments to ensure that everyone is aligned, from engineering to sales to marketing.

How can I implement managerial task management at work?

To efficiently implement task management at work, you should: 

  • Clearly define every team member’s role

  • Set small, attainable goals for each person

  • Outline deadlines for each item

  • Track progress, watch for delays or roadblocks, and making adjustments

  • Check-in frequently

What are some examples of types of managers?

Here are some manager role examples:

  • IT managers

  • Marketing managers

  • Product managers

  • Project managers

  • Warehouse managers