Using Notion homepages to manage your team

Manage workflows and streamline communication with customizable team homepages.

Connect your team with a customized homepage.

Your team’s new digital meeting room

Team homepages consolidate important info like meeting notes and project plans. Design a unique space that suits your employees with our connected workspace.

Using Notion homepages to manage your team

Every team needs easy access to different information. A recruiting team homepage will surely look different than a sales team homepage. You need a tool that's customizable and will fit the unique needs of your teams and your work — but still keeps information in one place.

Say hello to customized teamspaces.

Create your team’s new digital meeting room in Notion

An all-in-one team workspace.

Keep everything you need to know in one place with a Notion team homepage

Gone are the days of clicking between various platforms to find the information, thanks to our centralized workspace.


How do you create a landing page for a team?

  • To create a team homepage site, first make a workspace. Open the workspace switcher at the top left of your Notion window, choose which email you'd like the new workspace to be associated with, and click the ••• to the right of that email address.

  • Click “Join or create workspace.”

  • You’ll be prompted to add people — type their email or name into the text box and choose their access level.

What’s the difference between a homepage and a landing page?

A homepage is a website’s main page and typically serves as a navigational starting point. A landing page can be anywhere on a site and houses specific information or aims to drive action.

Right now you’re reading a landing page telling you about using Notion to create a team homepage — but our homepage is all about who we are at Notion.

What are the elements of a team homepage?

Common team homepage elements include: 

  • Notes

  • Project updates

  • Wikis

  • Task lists

  • File storage

  • Team member information

Try using a team homepage template if you’re struggling to start designing your own or can’t decide what sections to add.