Proposals & 7 more Doc (Freelance & Agency)

Save hundreds of hours with ALL of the Freelance / Agency documents you'll ever need, as out-of-the-box Notion templates.
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Save hundreds of hours with ALL of the freelance documents you'll ever need, as out-of-the-box Notion templates.

Set up in minutes and easily customize to your clients' brand. Export to PDF or collaborate directly inside Notion. 

The Notion Pack Includes:

1. 💵 Invoice: Record a transaction with your client, specify what is owed to you. (Professional and easily changeable).--------------------

2. 📜 Service Level Agreement: Set responsibilities, expected quality and availabilities, in plain language.(Fully comprehensible and easy to update).--------------------

3. ❓ New client questionnaire: Ask these questions to better understand your client's needs.--------------------

4. 🗃️ Proposal: Convince potential clients to work with you. (6 page doc optimized to close deals)--------------------

5. ❇️ Client onboarding guide: Help your client understand how you work.--------------------

6. 🎯 Scope of work: Specify what will be included in the project, all the deliverables.--------------------

7. 🧾 Quote: Give your client an estimated price for your services, based on deliverables specified.--------------------

8. 📙 Brief: Define the scope of the project with your client.--------------------

9. 📑 Project timeline: Share your process, or all the steps required to finish the project.--------------------

and 7 other templates...

✅ - Non-Disclosure Agreement.
✅ - Contractor Agreement.
✅ - Purchase & Supply Agreement.
✅ - Design style guide.
✅ - Final files collections.

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