I’m really interested we share knowledge with each other - so thanks for visiting! 🙏🏼

The idea of a “digital garden” articulates a long-time pursuit to build an online learning community together over the past two decades. We’ve been out on the frontiers discovering and exploring building blocks to build a Platform to Stand On.


To making learning fun! 😁

I’ve selected a few “seedlings” in this garden below to get things started and invite you to cultivate with me.

Anything is up for discussion and ask you make this place your own. This space is a shared, public resource (aka. commons) in the spirit of helping others learn by example so make yourself shine!

You can sign up for an Notion account at no cost and you’ll be able to comment on, edit, and add pages along with everyone and creatively share your voice.

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Community Garden

Weave Your Legacy

Roam Book Club for Wellbeing

iPad autobio app

x-country Roadtrip



Platform to Stand On

Maintenance and Care

State of Shallow Medicine

Nature of Transformation

Dialogue With Body

the feels

Burning into Fusion

Black Lives Matter

Rebuilding Your Youth

World of Possibility & Self-Care

Expanding Your Online Presence

How a Wellbeing Commons Works

Waking Up Happy Together

A Theory of Everything

Thailand as a world-class wellbeing hub

see Page History for more writing



Creating Leadership

Building dots

Stubby dots