My journey creating a stable platform to share information freely without it being some “chore” to maintain on the side has been a fascinating one for the past 20 or so years.

I’ve tried a variety of platforms that either I’ve had to invest resources in maintaining a server (which I haven’t had the bandwidth) or feel like I've had to mooch off teams who are kind to provide resources under a freemium model.

I discovered a commitment to [[public learning]] and I’ve had platforms like Wikispaces (snapshot as of July 18, 2018) shut their doors unexpectedly and progressive platforms like Tiddlyspace not keep up momentum. Amazingly Rizzoma is still up (never ended up replacing my use of Google Docs though) and the platform that has proven the test of time is using the TheBrain as my autobiography (and admittedly the most transparent!)

Autobiography indexing every year of my life for purposes of personal transformation & contribution

From 2014-2020, I use Evernote for reference filing and it contains a lion’s share of raw data. I’ve been on a mission to design a process to distill a mountain of input into something fluid (aka. not static) you can browse.

In 2020, Notion comes the closest to this vision so far. It has solidified my intention to build a learning community which is what us arrive here today 🙂

Are we a platform or network?

My response is this learning community is a "network" and Notion is one of many platforms we can stand on and create a voice together.

This is all part of an effort Expanding Your Online Presence.