ok! The time has arrived to create a blog-like component that indexes writing in this space. [the more I work on this page, the more I’m relaxing it’s like an index to a book - I’ll create an alphabetical index on a rainy day! ☔️]

Now, I would have preferred Notion have a built-in page history (with RSS!) and even better yet, a mechanism to automatically surface meatier pages (coming soon, I’m sure 🤞🏼).

Entries below are currently [manually] sorted by reverse chronological order (by creation date) (it would be nice if this were a table/database sortable by other criteria: tags, last edited, published, etc)

This is a subset of all the pages in this garden (many of which are empty or very sparse). I’ve made a point to list pages I feel are noteworthy that didn’t get highlighted on the front page of Our Community Garden

NOTE: individual database pages (like tools in my Toolbox) did not make the cut (for the most part, yet)


Community Energizer (Oct 18, 2022) (src: Apr 14, 2014)

Academic Influences (Oct 6, 2022)

video games (Oct 1, 2022)

Self-service (Sept 29, 2022) ++

Page History (Sept 27, 2022) EDM (electronic dance music) (Sept 27, 2022)

Portfolio Career (Sept 27, 2022)

Thailand as a world-class wellbeing hub (Sept 25, 2022) ++

passive income (Sep 25, 2022)

A Theory of Everything (Sept 24, 2022) +

Loneliness (Sept 23, 2022)

Domain Presence (Sept 20, 2022)

Dance at the Heart of 1 Billion Thriving (Sep 18, 2022) *

New Order (Sept 17, 2022)

San Francisco (Sept 16, 2022)