This is the book by Ken Wilber (not to be confused with Stephen Hawking’s The Theory of Everything!)

A Theory of Everything

Questions I’m being asked

  1. What is Weave Your Legacy?
  2. What does my “exit plan” look like? (I once said I’d be retired in Thailand by 50!)
  3. How will I make a transition to a “portfolio career” and begin to focus on advising organizations I care about most?
  4. How does a portfolio that spans tech, dance, strategy and wellbeing come together?

How “everything” got here

One of the key reasons I am passionate about dance is being “raised” by a community in San Francisco I helped produce “intentional gatherings” from around 1999-2002

The founder of this community was very passionate about Ken Wilber and any attempt to engage with the material completely went over my head (to be brutally honest!)

After completing the Curriculum for Living in 2001, I got inspired to create a ‣ and in 2002 co-founded Dance Labs and co-designed Dance Like Nobody's Watching - a 1-hour workshop that seeks to elevate your dance conscious (most fundamentally, turn the “non-dancer” into a dancer :)

In 2003, I made a choice to move to Thailand and an executive was kind to step up and offer to be my daily mentor for my first year. She would mention @Spiral Dynamics in passing and I didn’t get curious enough to discover more. I returned to the states in 2008.

I believe after I completed the Wisdom Course around 2010, I found an opportunity to meet the author of Integral Relationships and buy his book. He had taken on the lifelong journey to express the work Wilber’s Integral Vision in the domain of relationships. I found some new access to what it means to be integral but it didn’t quite stick. I knew I would have to come back to this (and the book still remains on my shelf!)

The universe nudged me to dive into Wilber once again (Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution) while I was in a course called Partnership Explorations in 2012. I didn’t make all the suggested reading a priority and honestly still got an immense amount of value from the course - it inspired how I operate here in Notion (and encourage others) - I call it Emergent Partnerships

I managed to find myself incredibly burnt out by 2014 and over the next 2 years, it saddened me to remove my focus on Dance Labs, Team Minutemen, Landmark Worldwide in favor of rebuilding my wellbeing practice.

I got enrolled in a vision for Deep Medicine (State of Shallow Medicine) and a path emerged to return to the San Francisco bay area to explore the healthcare industry in 2016.

That exploration didn’t work out and I was introduced to deeper states of consciousness through movement and dance in 2017 - it completely revitalized my spirit! (Burning into Fusion is one of my favorite stories)

The pandemic hit in 2020 and began the inquiry of how to bring the Business Model You (central to Weave Your Legacy) online. (Lo and behold, I would discover in 2021 my iPad Pro was a key to making this happen the whole time!)

I completed the first year of the Team Management Leadership Program (TMLP) in 2022 and discovered one of my teammates had A Theory of Everything on her shelf. I had meant to take home The Artist’s Way and this book was in my backpack :)

Discovering Rest