Manage your files in one place with document integrations

Create a powerfully efficient document management system that stores everything you need in one workspace.

Manage your files in one place with document integrations

Integrate docs to declutter team notes and project files

Building a team homepage or product plan requires a whole lot of docs. Integrating all your project management docs in the same Notion workspace makes it easy to find notes and information and encourage team collaboration.

Integrate docs to declutter team notes and project files

Use Notion as your online file management system to:

  • Create, manage, and store documents in one workspace

  • Work on the same docs as your team in real time

  • Connect documents like project roadmaps and project plans

  • Improve overall document security

  • Search for — and find — specific knowledge

Integrate docs to declutter team notes and project files

How to build your document integration database in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. On a new page, create a database by clicking Table, then New database.

  3. Populate the database with links to your documents. Create calendars, project roadmaps, and Kanban boards.

  4. Add custom tags.

  5. Share the knowledge base with your team.

Streamline your document management through integrations

Use Notion’s connected workspace to connect your docs, improve organization, and share ideas with your team.


What are document management systems?

Document management systems (DMS) are software solutions that store and manage digital documents. Use a DMS like Notion to stay organized and create a hub for your knowledge.

Some DMS features include:

  • Version control

  • Document search

  • Collaboration tools

Why is it important to integrate documents?

Integrating documents increases your efficiency by:

  • Improving information visibility and access

  • Reducing the cost of storing and maintaining docs by storing them in one place 

  • Enhancing your organization's compliance and security

What are the types of document management systems?

There are five general types of document management systems:

  • Workflow management systems

  • Content management system

  • Enterprise management system

  • Record management systems

  • Document imaging systems

These store and track your docs in slightly different ways, depending on what you need. An imaging system, for example, digitizes and organizes physical files.