Streamline document collaboration for remote teams using Notion

Revolutionize working on docs with both in-person and remote teams by creating and maintaining a single source of truth.

Why is document collaboration essential?

Real-time document collaboration means teams can easily share ideas, provide feedback, and make updates within one centralized knowledge base.

Distributed employees can use document collaboration tools to work together and comment without scattering communication about the project across several platforms.

Streamline document collaboration for remote teams using Notion

At Notion we take centralization a step further. Our connected workspace is one repository for all your knowledge and docs.

Bring the whole team together to create, manage, and store documents — project timelines, dashboards, roadmaps — in a single database.

Streamline document collaboration for remote teams using Notion

How to use Notion for stronger document collaboration

  1. Sign up for Notion and invite your team.

  2. Create a document, whether it’s a task list, brief describing the onboarding workflow, or code snippet repository.

  3. Tag team members with @ followed by their name to contribute.

  4. Link the page from an existing page with /Link to page or embed it with /Page to create a network of documents.

Connect your distributed team with real-time document collaboration

Work asynchronously or simultaneously to build wikis, knowledge bases, and design systems for consistent information access.


How do you collaborate on a document?

Collaborating means working together on the same online document through a tool like Notion that merges different users’ changes in real time to create a seamless remote-work experience.

What’s an example of a collaborative document?

Two heads are better than one, and a whole team might be even better than that. Here are some docs you could collaborate on:

  • Project plans

  • Team meeting agendas or notes

  • Research papers

  • Marketing proposals

  • Design presentations

  • Team wikis

  • To-do lists

What are the critical points for effective collaboration?

Effective team collaboration requires the following:

  • Clear communication

  • Defined roles

  • Real-time collaboration like simultaneous document editing

  • Easy access to a shared document or tooling solution

  • Version history like track changes and access to previous versions

  • Autosave functionality

  • Fine-grained permissions control