UGC Creator Dashboard & Content Planner

All-in-one, UGC Creator Notion Dashboard & Content Planner.
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This Notion template is a comprehensive tool for User Generated Content (UGC) creators.

It includes a checklist for UGC Creators, a section for target audience research, and templates for contracts and invoices. There's also a space for planning deliverables, making outreach lists, setting goals, organizing content ideas & a content calendar.

As I lead the growth of, I've noticed that UGC creators often face similar problems - managing their UGC clients, improving their outreach capability, and developing a content strategy.

This template provides a centralized place to manage all your UGC clients, includes guidelines to improve your outreach strategies, and offers a step-by-step system to develop a successful content strategy.

This template helps solve these common problems for most beginner UGC creators. It is also priced affordably for everyone.

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