UGC content planner for agencies

Are you tired of juggling content creation, team collaboration, and brand management across multiple tools? Look no further! The Notion Content Planner for Agencies and Brands is your ultimate solution to streamline your content management strategy & enhance team productivity
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The UGC content planner stand out as a first of its kind as it equips you as a creator or an agency owner with everything you need to start creating content for brands without ever exiting notion or using other multiple disjointed tools

This isnt just another template - Its an all in one content operating system and central hub for managing all aspects of working with UGC brands

From content planning & management across various platforms, budget and invoicing to Brand CRM and team directory - UGC content planning OS covers it all.

What started as my personal solution during those challenging content managing and scaling periods has now been templatized into a one size fits all solution.

Whether you’re just started or well into your digital marketing agency journey. UGC content planning OS  is designed to solve these pain points :

Disorganisation; A singular space for managing social media content and tracking each phases of production, materials, designs and key performance indicators needed for campaigns

Project overload; seamlessly empower your agency with the capacity of working with multiple brands across various partnerships and projects

Complexity: Minimised design for maximum efficiency, eliminating the clutter of content & asset management.

Finance management; Solve complex and repetitive hassles like invoicing and budgeting effortlessly

Scalability; Crafted to evolve with you and/or your team that seamlessly connects a comprehensive content management system with every workflow related to your agency

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