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The UGC Creator Bundle is built for independent creators to manage all aspects of their UGC business. Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned expert, this bundle combines the knowledge of two experts in their field created by Notion Certified Consultant, Molly Jones
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Take a Peek Inside the UGC Creator Bundle:

✔ Brand and Partnership Hub: The all-in-one solution for organizing and tracking your brand pitches while managing your active partnerships.

✔ Content Calendar: The go-to place for planning, creating, and organizing your content.

✔ Task List: Combine all of your brand, content, personal-related, and even drag-and-drop email-tasks tasks in one comprehensive, structured task list.

✔ Invoice and Finance Tracker: Create, send, and track your invoices directly inside Notion so you can get paid with ease.

✔ Millie's Resource Hub: Access to everything you need to guarantee your success as a UGC Creator, including websites, contracts, checklists, glossaries, and plug-and-play templates.


🔥5 DM and Email Pitch Templates to present your pitch in the most effective way possible.

🔥Rate Calculator for organic and paid content.

🔥Portfolio Template for showcasing your best work to potential clients.

🔥Financial Tracker and Invoice Template to stay on top of getting paid.

🔥Contract Checklist to ensure your work is protected.

🔥Gear List of my top gadgets for elevating your content creation.

🔥Content Creator Glossary to help you understand the lingo.

🔥Inspiration Board for storing and organizing your bursts of creativity and concepts.

🔥List of Third-Party Platforms you can use to find paid UGC jobs.

🔥50 Content Hooks to capture attention and spark interest.

🔥Essential Content Creation Tools List for enhancing your UGC business.

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