Deterministic Matrix Analysis

From user feedback to product ideas. There is a lot of information that is often a source of design constraint and creative inspiration in a project, but can also be a confusing factor in a project.

This analysis tool can help us find more valuable clues for project design.
About this template

In order to turn this information into actionable and valuable resources, I designed this "deterministic Matrix analysis" template. This Notion template is designed to help you integrate, categorize, and gradually transform this information to provide clear guidance for the analysis and design of project requirements.

Better project requirements management

"Deterministic Matrix Analysis" is not just a tool, it is your right hand in the project. By categorizing information into certain, assumed, doubtful, and undetermined states, you can better understand, manage, and communicate requirements, reducing misunderstandings and information loss.

From chaos to clarity

Information in a project is often scattered across various channels and sources, which can easily lead to confusion. With deterministic matrix analysis, you are able to integrate this fragmented information into a structured template to pick out valuable clues from the chaos.

Provide a solid foundation for design

Transforming uncertainty into certainty is a key step in design. With deterministic matrix analysis, you can translate uncertainty information in a project into design constraints earlier, providing a solid foundation for creating more valuable and attractive designs.

Focus and promote efficiently

Categorization of information and summary of conclusions allow you to focus on what is important and make efficient decisions as the project moves forward. This helps reduce unnecessary delays and conflicts, allowing you to focus more on design creation and project realization.

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