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A project management template to help in organizing and keeping track of all your projects.
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This template helps in organizing your project process. With various sections which cover all steps in your project journey to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. From project initiation to project closing everything related to project management and all that is needed will be found in this template.

Sections include:
Projects - This contains all your projects with areas which track how many days left until the project deadline, who is assigned to the project, how far along you are into completing the project and relations for your clients and tasks.

Tasks - This has all the details related to tasks needed to be completed and you can also add sub-tasks.

Clients - A hub for all your client information, from phone numbers, email, address and their project. You can share each respective client's page with them so that they can see how their project is progressing.

Documents - Where you can keep all the related and relevant documentation for your projects. Whether you are embedding an already existing project or creating a new one. You can also make use of our pre-existing templates for various project management documentation.

Meetings - Keep track of all your meetings, whether it's with clients or your teammates. You will also have access to our pre-existing meeting notes section where you will store all the meeting notes that anyone who needs them can access.

Finance - Have a bird's eye view of all your project finances. With a budget and all the costs and their respective categories. Keep track of how you are using the projects allocated finances.

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