Career Planner

Features: Skill Job Assessment | Goal Calendar | Resume + Cover letter + Interview Prep | Application + Cold Email/Dm Tracker | Network Overview
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It includes:

Profile Links: Add your job profile links in one place

Sticky Notes: Add your priority tasks on your sticky notes

Skill Assessment: Get an overview of your skill levels to ace your job

Goal Companies: Keep a track of the job requirements for your dream companies

Job Assessment: Know what make you happy in your job and what’s not

Career Goal Calendar: Add your actionable tasks to accomplish your goals

Job Search Task List: A to-do list to keep your important tasks in priority!

Resume + Cover letter + Interview Prep Corner: A customizable resume, cover letter template, and cold Email draft along with an interview prep corner to ace your dream job!

Application Tracker: Track your applications phase-wise

Network Overview: Keep a tab of all your important contacts

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