Learn a Skill in 20 Hours

By breaking down a skill into multiple sub-skills and continuously learning these sub-skills, you can achieve mastery in a skill within 20 hours by allocating 40 minutes each day for a month.
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With the rapid advancement of technology and societal changes, the skills we currently possess may not be sufficient to meet the demands of the workplace and personal growth. Continuous learning of new skills becomes an important pathway for ongoing development and personal growth. Learning new skills can enhance our professional competitiveness, broaden our perspectives, and even boost our confidence, enabling us to adapt and stay ahead in an ever-changing world.

So how can we learn quickly? How can we become proficient in a skill in a short amount of time?

That's where we introduce the "20-Hour Skill Learning Theory" by Josh Kaufman. To facilitate this method, we have created a Notion system specifically designed for rapid skill acquisition. We welcome you to utilize this system and unlock one skill after another!

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