Skill Development Manager

Empower your learning journey with the Skill Development Manager - organize, track, and learn new skills with ease. From breaking down skills into manageable topics to providing field for adding curated learning resources, it's your personal roadmap to mastery.
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- Efficient Skill Tracking: Manage your skill development journey with ease using a comprehensive tool designed for skill enhancement.

- Skill Details Entry: Begin by adding skill details including name, estimated time to learn, and a list of topics to cover.

- Topics by Skill View: View skills organized by topics, with the ability to set topic status (yet to learn, learning, or learned) and add resources for learning.

- Status-Based Topic Organization: Track topic progress by status (learning, yet to learn, learned) within each skill, allowing for systematic skill development.

- Progress Updates: Update topic status and related information as you progress in learning, ensuring your skill development stays on track.

- User-Friendly Interface: Navigate effortlessly through the tool with a simple and intuitive interface, supporting systematic skill enhancement and progress tracking.

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