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☑ Calendly meeting 
☑ Bird View Pipeline
☑ Onboarded Client/Influencer- SOP/requirements Template
☑ Fresh Tucked Lead Sheet
About this template

Just a Notion lover Guy using it in my professional work fields and tryna Give Irresistible VALUE to the Like-minded. (Read Below):

If you fall under these or just casual notion Lover

---Solopreneur just starting

---Freelancer, Service Based

---Small Business MGT


---Student, Side Hustle

And Have work related to

Business Management

CRM , Meetings and Clients Relationships

Lead Gen

Content Creation

Tracking Incomes and Expenses

And Have pain points:

Can't find a all-in-one place for all my business works.

I need a bird view perspective to my whole business operations.

I am too messy in professional field, boss hates that, need solution.

I hate Traffic and long ours of commute.

I need location freedom.

Covid might again come,
need to stay home and manage my business and clients

Air pollution outside

Loves Earth but hates too many buildings and wants to go remote.

If you fall under anyone of these then,

I urge you to get the CRM(it's Free) or Classic Version (15 Bucks) at least and Try it out.

Trust me 15 bucks is worth the price for a new thing that'll help or you'll learn at least (Being Professional).

All Constructive criticisms are welcomed, it'll help me to upgrade it in future.

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