May 15, 2017

Features & Improvements

  • Better comments! 💬 👌
    We made comments a lot friendlier. You don't need to click to read what's inside. Check it out!

Bug Fixes

  • Select text with shift + arrow
    Before, sometimes you couldn't select multiple text blocks with the keyboard.

  • Comment confirmation dialog
    Before, if you closed a comment popup, you could lose the content. Now, we prompt you with a confirmation dialog.

  • Broken desktop app download link 😓
    Some old links for downloading the desktop app were broken. These are now fixed.

  • Public pages always added to your sidebar
    Before, public pages (like this What's New page) were always added to your sidebar.

  • Enter key on mobile 📲
    The enter key didn't behave as expected on mobile browsers.

  • Member count in the sidebar
    Previously, the number next to your "Settings & Members" in your sidebar included guests. This was confusing as guests are free-of-charge.

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