May 3, 2017

Features & Improvements

  • Revamped Slack notifications: less noisy, and more personal 🙂
    Many of you suggested that our Slack notifications were too noisy, so we did a complete makeover. It now truncates lengthy updates, also shows the page emoji as well as the avatar of the editor. Try it!
    You can enable the Slack notification near the top right of your window -> then click Add to Slack.

  • Page icon as browser tab favicon

    We now set the browser tab favicon based on your page icon – it'll be a huge time-saver for those of you have many browser tabs open at once.

  • Ctrl/Cmd + A to select all
    Now if you press Ctrl/Cmd + A twice, it would select everything on your page.

  • An easier way to configure a template button
    We added a special button for configuring the template button block. Not need to right-click again!

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile search
    The mobile search experience was buggy, so we polished it up.

  • Turn a toggle into a header
    Before, if you turned a toggle list into a header or sub header, the blocks inside would be inverted.

  • Double emoji page icons 👯
    Before, for the page icon, certain emojis showed up as two emojis.

  • Mac app: use template picker while offline
    Now, we let you start with an empty page and bypass the template picker.

  • Mac app: visit a team pages while offline
    If you visited a team page while offline, the page could be accidentally bookmarked in your personal space.

  • Billing description re: guests
    Before, the billing page included guests in the invoice (guests should be free and not counted towards your monthly bill).

  • Reorder in the left sidebar
    If you reordered items in your left sidebar, it revealed unnecessary buttons.

  • ... and many small bugs here and there 🐸

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