Notion 1.7

Features & Improvements

  • 3X speedup ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
    We locked ourselves in for the past couple months and pretty much rewrote Notion from scratch. Now, all of your pages will load much faster. We worked really, really hard on this and hopefully it will put a smile on your face 🤗

  • Page covers and styles
    You can now add a beautiful image to the top of any page. We also hand-picked nearly a hundred images from the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rijksmuseum, and NASA archive for you to choose from. Page styles have been simplified as well.

  • A much, much faster drag & drop
    The old drag & drop required some serious dexterity. Try the new one – it's fast and much more accurate.

  • A brand new sidebar for your team
    The old sidebar could be confusing. We redesigned it (and borrowed a couple ideas from Slack). For teams, it now separates your team and private pages, and lets you discover your teammates' pages with just a click.

  • Page emojis and icons
    You can now customize any page's icon with an image or emoji – to add some color for your content, and help you find the page in the sidebar.

  • Quickly add a new page 🏃🏃‍♀️
    When you hover over the left sidebar, you'll see a "+" button next to every page. It lets you quickly create a new page inside, without polluting your entire team's top-level pages.

  • More templates!
    We added Weekly Planner, Team Home, and Travel Notes templates.
    We also made the template picker less obtrusive. It only shows up when the page is empty, and you can always hit "Enter" to quickly start with an empty page.

  • Basic page analytics 📈
    You can now see recent edits and viewers of any page.

  • RIP Sections. Long live Headers! 🙌
    In the old Notion, it was hard to know which Section you were inside of. Sections are now Headers and Sub-headers. They work nicely with the # and ## Markdown shortcuts. Don't worry, you can still use "Turn Into" to transform Pages into Headers.

  • Quote block

  • Include id in Invoice PDF titles

  • Simplified guest and pricing model for teams
    You can now add as many guests to your team as you like – for free. You'll also be charged for all members on your team at the end of the every billing cycle, whether they have been active in the previous month or not – it's easier to budget, but could potentially result in a larger bill – so watch out!

  • P.S. A much better mobile version!
    Oh, we fully revamped our mobile browser version too – check it out!
    Message us in the app to be an early tester for the iOS app 👈

Bug Fixes

  • Countless bugs
    We fixed quite a few bugs, but this is a big release, so please message us in the app if you notice any new ones! 🙏

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