How Notion helps Multiverse preserve company culture among rapid growth

Multiverse is revolutionizing the world of tabletop role-playing games. They use Notion to build custom processes and systems that show their creative spark and communicate their culture and mission.

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Thariq Shihipar

CEO and Co-founder

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Keeping information within reach

At a fully-remote company, everything needs to be kept up to date: information, new features, release notes, and more. Multiverse has a Notion page for its all-hands meeting notes, which serves as an accessible hub for everything employees need to know.

These all-hands notes are interactive, including GIFs, toggles, links to company strategy, and release notes. Because these pages serve as a single source for company updates, the team can stay connected, knowing where all relevant and up-to-date information lives. Plus, the interactive format makes it easy for employees to read any important news.

Multiverse keeps all relevant information in an accessible, interactive hub for employees.
During our all-hands meetings, I just screenshare the Notion page and link to other docs I can jump to while I’m presenting.
Thariq Shihipar
Thariq Shihipar
CEO and Co-founder

A public wiki that keeps users updated

It's not just employees who need to be kept in the loop. As a gaming platform, Multiverse is fueled by its user community, and its many creators need to access tutorials and platform updates so they can hit the ground running.

In a public Notion page, Multiverse’s user wiki includes a help center, tutorials, and educational content that create an accessible and collaborative environment for its users.

It’s easy for Multiverse to spin up new sections of the wiki that users find helpful, and it’s also the fastest way for them to get new features and updates out to their user base. Rather than spending precious engineering resources on updating pages, they can focus on building the Multiverse platform.

Multiverse 2
Multiverse’s public-facing wiki is a hub for everything its user base needs to get started.
Our game is a platform with lots of creators on board. There’s a lot to learn, so this public Notion page is a great way for us to share knowledge that users need to know.
Thariq Shihipar
Thariq Shihipar
CEO and Co-founder

Streamlining the search for new teammates

Like many startups, Multiverse is growing its team. But posting jobs, updating them, and removing them when the position has been filled wastes time developers could spend on the core product.

Having their careers page hosted on a public-facing Notion page allows them to free up time and energy to focus elsewhere. This empowers the hiring team to own the process end-to-end instead of waiting on a developer's timeline.

Scroll down the main careers page with current opportunities listed, click through to a job description.
Keeping our jobs board as a quick Notion page lets us design all our other website pages from scratch, which we put a lot of time and care into.
Thariq Shihipar
Thariq Shihipar
CEO and Co-founder

A company directory that lets teammates show their personality

Being remote can make it harder for employees to get to know one another. Multiverse wanted a fun, unique way for employees to introduce themselves to the company that was creative and easy to update.

Their employee directory lives in Notion, where each employee gets a "Character Sheet." New employees fill out a character form, and the company commissions art to create an avatar for them. Their character sheet details how they like to work, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Because Notion pages are entirely customizable, each employee can let their personality shine and also help others understand how they can work better together. Encouraging new hires to be transparent about their preferences and limitations makes it easier to play on their strengths as team members.

Multiverse 4
Multiverse’s fun, creative employee directory is true to its culture.
The flexibility and ease of use of Character Sheets lets new hires easily introduce themselves to their colleagues.
Thariq Shihipar
Thariq Shihipar
CEO and Co-founder

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