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Welcome to our little community corner, below you'll find some of the many involved fans and other fansites having Chronicles of Elyria at heart. For the list of known moderators, ambassadors and subject matter experts, check the spotlights section, while the domains of influence (ie. Dance of Dynasties) can be found further down.

Involved fans


There always something going on in the community, Hellmoon was kind enough to arrange a community contests and events directory on the forums, you should have a look.

Other fansites




People and organisations featured in official articles (CoE: Newslinger), from explicit community spotlights to more obscured articles, these views also include featured domains and organisations, and maybe later, NPCs and their lore stories.

By definition non exhaustive, you can leave a comment in this section (though you'll need to create a free Notion account, if you haven't already) to pinpoint a correction to be made or if we missed you in a featured article (as always, please be considerate and fair to others, or we will have to remove the option entirely).

Endorsed volunteers

There are many programs lead by Soulbound Studios (CoE: Dev team) involving community members (toggle triangle to view the list), those five are the main culprits at the time of writing: