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"Subject Matter Expert" Program, SME for short, a call to real-life graduate or experienced experts on various topics in order to make the game mechanics and skills as realistic and believable as recreationaly possible.


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The guidebook to the SME program, written and directed by Serpentius, Community Support Lead at ‣.

This Subject Matter Expert Program (“the Program”) is a way for us to foster a channel for communication between the studio and members of the community who possess specialty knowledge of a depth and breadth unattainable except through dedication and training. As a game studio dedicated to creating immersive, dynamic, and intricate game worlds for our players, Soulbound Studios has amassed a following of some of the brightest and most knowledgeable people around. Scattered across the globe, these people are subject-matter experts in a vast variety of fields – very often, fields which are of direct and immediate relevance to the work being done by the studio. Many of these individuals have reached out to the studio already, and the Program provides a structured and formal way for these experts to express their interest to the studio and provide their sage advice in a mutually satisfactory fashion.


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Skyfall:Archives: Subject Matter Experts [CoE-SME]